The basis for CSF are it’s local chapters that work in several different university cities and towns. All of CSF’s members are also a member of one our chapters.

Chapters organize local activities such as seminars, events and happenings. A large part of the chapters’ activity is political activeness in their universities student unions and other levels of student government. Chapters are also active in municipal politics and work toge

ther with other oranizations from the Centre party’s community. Chapters work with SCF to make a difference in national politics
All chapters are registered associations that hold statutory meetings yearly, elect a chairperson and the board. The board is responsible for the chapter’s activity, administration and policies


Helsingin Keskustaopiskelijat (HEKO):

Chairperson Valtteri Markula, valtteri.markula(a)


Joensuun Opiskelevat Keskustalaiset (JOKE):

Chairperson Matti Nivala, nivmatti(a)


Jyväskylän Keskustaopiskelijat (JOK):

Chairperson: Katri Hurskainen, katri.hurskainen(a)


Kajaanin Keskustaopiskelijat (KaKO):

Chairperson Jussi Tikkanen, jussi(a)


Kuopion Keskustaopiskelijat (KUKO):

Chairperson Toni Viljamaa, toni_viljamaa(a)


Lappeenrannan Opiskelevat Keskustalaiset (LOK):



Otaniemen Keskustaopiskelijat (OKE):

Chairperson Oskari Willman, oskari.willman(a)


Oulun Keskustaopiskelijat (OKO):

Chairperson Miria Putula, miriam.putula(a)


Rovaniemen Keskustaopiskelijat (ROKE):

Chairperson Laura Rahko, larahko(a)


Seinäjoen Keskustaopiskelijat (SEKO):

Chairperson Riina Pesu, riina.h.pesu(a)


Tampereen Opiskelevat Keskustalaiset (TOK):

Chairperson Laura Hämäläinen, laura.s.hamalainen(a)


Turun Keskustaopiskelijat (TUKO):

Chairperson Matti Linna, matti.k.linna(a)


Vaasan Keskustaopiskelijat (VAKO):

Chairperson Aleksi Koivisto, alexi.koivisto(a)


Rajattomat Keskustaopiskelijat (RAKE):

Chairperson Juho Paavola,


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