Centre Students Finland

Centre Students Finland is a community of students that share the same centric values. KOL or CSF is a general policy organisation, but we have a special interest in student affairs. We aim to improve possibilities for studying and for the equality of opportunities. Among other things students financial aid, accessible education and employment are essential to our cause.

SCF was founded in 1937 as a educative organization. Our cause is to make a change in our society but also awaken a desire for political and community activity in students. Our local chapters that work in university cities and towns are glad to welcome new members and it’s simple to move from local activity to national politics.



The basis for CSF are it’s local chapters that work in several different university cities and towns. All of CSF’s members are also a member of one our chapters.

Chapters organize local activities such as seminars, events and happenings. A large part of the chapters’ activity is political activeness in their universities student unions and other levels of student government. Chapters are also active in municipal politics and work together with other oranizations from the Centre party’s community. Chapters work with SCF to make a difference in national politics

All chapters are registered associations that hold statutory meetings yearly, elect a chairperson and the board. The board is responsible for the chapter’s activity, administration and policies. You can find your nearest chapter here

Centre Students Finland
Local chapters are official members of CSF and together they form the national organization Centre Students Finland. The organization’s chairperson and secretary general are in charge of daily activities at the office. The office handles daily planning and preparations, organizes national event, is in charge of communications, produces member services and manages the organization’s funds.

Between statutory yearly meetings, the organization’s board of executives make decisions concerning for example, the organization’s funds, recruitment of employees, organizing committies and new policies.

The highest authority in the organization is held by the statutory annual assembly which is held between October and November, where chapters send their representatives. The assembly confirms the action plan, budget and elects the chairperson, vice-chairpersons and the board of executives for the next calendar year. Presenting the board of executives:


The members of CSF are always members of specific local chapters. CSF is a member of the Center Party, which makes all CSF members also members of the Centre Party. As a member you can participate in your local chapter’s activity such as meetings and events as well as the national organization’s activities. Read more on two chapters work here. When you fill the attached form, we will contact you as soon as possible! Welcome along!